New Cyanogenmod release for Android devices includes secure locate-my-device and remote wipe


any details on how this works?

I’m a recent Android user, moved away from the iphone…who is Cyanogenmod developed by? Saurik?


Cyanogenmod is open source replacement firmware that is based on Android releases. It is free. One needs to learn, follow directions and pay attention when doing flashes.

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(adding) I’ve been running CM for over a year, and I am very happy with it. Stable, stripped of bloatware, and with some really nice features added. Installing it is probably (at least a year ago) slightly beyond my mom’s capabilities, but not hard for anyone who can use a command line. And the source is all open, I could build it myself if I wanted to (in fact I started to do so, but got distracted… but I did download all the code and get it to compile).

It will be interesting to see how CyanogenMod Inc conducts its business in the next few months/years. It’s a little disconcerting to me that they’ve incorporated and been accused of re-licensing code that they didn’t own…

Yeah I read about that - its been allot of rather weird licencing going on since they don’t seem to want an open source licence that stretches beyond even the tiniest liberties.
On the other hand I have only read what some of the devs who’s work they’ve appropriated say - it would be interesting to see a response from CM team.

For my education on this, what variety of open source license are they using? Android itself is free and open source, so CM must at least offer most of its code per the same license, right? What basis is there to speculate that the CM folks don’t want “event the tiniest liberties”??

@tuseroni: Google is your friend, but to save you a bit of effort:
gives you a brief overview, and:

has some more information on the encryption involved. Short version is that the only way to get information about a device, is to know the password to the account. This should mean that only the user can use the service, and that even if they wanted to, CM shouldn’t be able to access it.

Now, when I look for a new phone, I look for a CyanogenMod rom for it before anything else.

Hey, you finally found someone that still uses google plus! I’m shocked that that’s the page that was linked to instead of, you know, the page to download the release, but whatevs.

founder and main developer is Steve Kondik. As you might imagine there are hundreds of contributors. Including some recent drama btwn some core members.

Saurik (Jay Freeman) is the developer of Cydia.

… and 10.1.3 just went “stable” for the first time for HTC one (sprint). huzzah. off to waste some time seeing what issues remain, if any…

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