New emoji, apps to capture police abuse, Facebook lawsuit: Boing Boing roundup with Xeni on KCRW's 'Press Play'


Who are those yellow skin tones for? Someone with jaundice?

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I didn’t realize this was an issue, but having looked it up online my hope is they are waiting for someone to design a graphic that doesn’t look like a Taco Bell “taco”? (Really kids, that’s not a taco.)

Do we really want to regress to a civilization that uses hieroglyphics.

If you can continue to communicate all of the ideas of the past present and future, is it regression? I’m looking forward to the first emoji haiku… Oh, I’m apparently late on this one:

I’m looking forward to the first good emoji haiku.


Now really, you don’t want any proud Japanese or Chinese people hearing you.
The proud Egyptians mostly use the Arabic alphabet nowadays, so I guess they won’t be too offended.

A civilian video of a police officer killing

I think the word you’re looking for is citizen. It’s important to get the language right here, because citizens have rights, which are not held by the unfortunate folks who live under military occupation.

Sure, it sometimes feels like an occupation, but this wasn’t a tongue-in-cheek reference. It was just the wrong word. It’s important to use the right word for the same reason that it’s important to say “global warming” rather than whatever euphemism might be preferred on fox news.

Unless some of the folks in the video are reservists and their service is somehow relevant to the incident…

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The fact that few people will have any idea what the means, kind of makes my point.

I’m not sure how “few people” can constitute “civilization”.

That’s probably because you’re taking parts of two separate messages, just so you can try, but fail, to make a point.

I was looking at it from the perspective that using an alternate form of communication isn’t necessarily regressing. I figured that your unsubstantiated claim that few people will understand the meaning was in direct conflict with your initial statement that suggested it might have been a societal direction. If that wasn’t your initial point, I’m not sure what it was.

So Chinese, Japanese and other similar cultures are “regressive”? Uh, did you think this through…?

He made a mistake. Emoji are ideograms not logograms (they tend to represent ideas rather than specific words). Chinese characters are logograms. And yes, moving to ideograms is regressive.

Also, there is a reason why the Japanese and Koreans dropped the vast majority of kanji/hanzi/hanja from their languages. It kind of sucks especially in the digital age.


My original comment was snarky but I do appreciate your explanation (not snarky), although I don’t think it’s “regressive” at all. I also don’t think anyone is “moving to ideograms”. It’s really the same idea as gifs, really. Such things are used for decoration and/or emphasis, imo, and for in-jokes among friends. Friends have always used in-jokes and codes to communicate. “Secret hand shakes”, anyone?

I agree with the above, as long as you don’t automatically rule out the idea that it actually may be regressive. If you’re going to move from a phonogramic to a logographic writing standard, it had better be a highly intuitive one, and this crop of emoji don’t fit that bill. It’s a fad that we’ll be laughing about in 10 years.

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