New EU rules would ban under-16s from social media

[quote=“timber_munki, post:5, topic:70810”]Thankfully kids don’t have proven track records of intuitive understanding of new tech so getting around such restriction are going to be really hard so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about the EU once again spending millions on some pointless ‘something must be done’ lawmaking…[/quote]Aye, this is clearly another problem that will only serve to underline the need for cryptographic backdoors. For some reason.

[quote="Mister44, post:16, topic:70810"]Or maybe sequester them in a McDonalds Playland version of the internet, so they can wallow in their own piss encrusted ball pit and not bother the rest of society.[/quote]In my day, we had dial-up BBSes for that.

Hmm, you got a point there. What about fingerprints or retina scanning?

All they need do now is ban over-15s too, and we’re all set.


Bring on the Parent Blaming!

Lawyers. Employed. EU institutions - finding ways to not so obviously use up the surplus budget. (I’m very pro Europe, but wish they’d sort out how they spend money - it’s shameful)

You wanted to be 18, so we’re trying you as an adult (for a crime you can only commit as a child)!

No one is arguing against “laws.” It’s perfectly reasonable to point out “bad laws,” because those are often a problem.

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Better to teach kids to confront them directly. It’s better to know that your kid can force them to change how they do business.

The obvious way for the EU to keep under-16s from using social media: make it mandatory for them.


harr!, and :smile:

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Is that a bad thing? Should parents not be held responsible if they don’t teach their children how to behave in society?

We need both approaches. Not everybody has personality compatible with head-to-head conflict, many prefer silent “unilateral opt-out” from the imposed rules. The ones going into an open conflict also tend to get into trouble more often. Balance between both (or, along the entire spectrum as the necessary personality parameters and the resulting strategies chosen, are a continuum) is needed.

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