Facebook won't remove photo of children tricked into posing for neo-facist group

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So, Facebook is being an asshole. Again. What a surprise.

As for this:

The mother of the 13-year-old girl repeatedly asked Facebook to remove the photos, but was told they could do nothing as her child was between 13 and 17.

Can anyone with knowledge of British Law explain this? I’m pretty sure the use of photo would illegal in the U.S., and more than pretty sure it would be illegal in Germany.


I’m confused. One of the girls is aged 12. That’s… younger than 13… Why isn’t facebook taking this photo down?


“The BBC has asked Britain First to comment but it has not responded.”


I guess that I’m a little confused. The “fools,” the mother fears would target her daughter and her friend would be people opposed to these Britain First clowns, amiright?

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In the BBC article, it says the parents of the 12 year old haven’t complained to Facebook yet as they don’t use Facebook. There’s no explanation of why that matters, though - maybe Facebook ignores complaints from non-members?

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Is there any reason to like Facebook at this point?


People who use violent retribution against other people are fools.


Aaaah I did read that but somehow my brain didn’t connect the dots. Thanks for pointing that out.

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There are a lot of people opposed to Britain First for many different reasons. This includes other authoritarian reactionary religious groups who have shown themselves to be happy to attack people.

Britain First is the reason I left it.


If my children were tricked into posing with some disgusting racists I would be very worried that their friends etc. would imagine there was no smoke without fire etc. and they would be forever branded with racist associations.

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Sadly, as much as I’m aware, any picture taken in a public area in the UK is legal as long as its not in any way causing distress or harm.

I was getting these pictures on my fb feeds from friends who were in the military and some now work in the prison service. I have had enough of this shit, firstly they are posting things about Islam invading Europe and now this. Sadly I thought they were switched on…

Maybe they should have told Facebook that there’s a hidden nipple in the picture?


I don’t know about that but there is a pair of arses in the picture.


Just because you can take a legally take a photo of anyone and anything out in public doesn’t mean you can legally do anything you want with that photo.

I don’t know the UK’s laws specifically, but I believe they’re mostly similar to what I’m familiar with (Canadian and US). I can just walk out onto the street and snap a photo of anyone, provided I’m in public, but I can’t use that photo to promote a group/event/product/business, or allow somebody else to do so, without a signed release. I could use them in my portfolio to promote myself as a photographer, as a sample of my work, but that’s about it. I could also freely display it, provided it’s not being used in an expressly promotional/commercial manner, such as just having it in a facebook gallery.

If the group is actively using this image to promote itself rather than simply having it on their site, then unless the UK’s laws are rather different than I think they are, they’ve opened themselves to lawsuits, at the very least.


Here’s a pic from the BBC article showing what is on the offending fascistbook page:

Unfortunately, I think that the family has little legal ground to complain. The image is not used in a promotional way, any more so than any number of millions of pictures of “we were at X event/place”.

I am no fan of the group, to put it mildly, but I think the reporting is not honest here. Is taking a picture with the kids actually tricking them? How were they deceived? By somebody saying “I’m taking a picture with you two and my mook friends”?

What it feels like to me is that because people find the context upsetting, that they are trying to bend the rules of something that is typically allowed and encouraged. It’s hypocritical to accept the same rules for everybody, until it concerns somebody you don’t like.


Being unwillingly associated with a nationalist party (or any political party, for that matter) should be enough to show harm. This is just blatant exploitation.


I haven’t seen anything from Britain First for a while, because you can change your settings and block specific groups from your feed. However, I don’t think a lot of the people I saw sharing this stuff have much in common with their views and probably are something like these girls (being used to insinuate wide support for a hateful ideology under the presence of promoting unity and love for your country). Actually, a lot of the people I’ve seen sharing BF’s posts aren’t even British, and probably wouldn’t be welcomed by Britain First. There’s usually some general statement about being proud of your country, or the work the military or public services do. I got tired of commenting about who Britain First actually were, but on the whole it was clear that those sharing were just wanting to thank people for their service or something similar.

Recently I’ve noticed more conservative groups in the US doing the same thing - not that they didn’t have a presence before, but there seem to be more vague appeals to common values etc. without any indication of the underlying ideology.

This! I tend to lean on people hard to explain what they’re about, if they appear to be recruiting or trying to build support. It’s pretty sad how reactionaries seem to nearly always be unable or unwilling to explain what they are so proud of.

Perhaps because Zuckerberg created and continues to foster a corporate culture that does not value perspective of self & others.