Facebook to demand "clear photo of your face"


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Facebook to demand "clear photo of your face"

And your first born babe.



…or at least a face you downloaded from some dark corner of the Internet, that no one else has used yet.


It really is the most obvious move for FB to do this. Can’t wait to read about how it blows up in everyone’s face.


They could give your friends a quiz: Which of these is a picture of so-and-so? And see if they tend to pick the one submitted.

Although I guess they said they wouldn’t do anything with the photo.


Your face is the new cookie.


“We’ll check it then permanently delete it from our servers.”

Sure, just like the naked body scans at the airport don’t store any images…

The problem with this of course is that Facebook has become ubiquitous as a commenting login for other websites and I won’t use my real Facebook account to post politically controversial arguments that may lead to rightwing trolls trying to dox me. I’ve seen stuff like that happen enough. I’ve argued with people online who have promised to stalk my account. Freedom of anonymous speech is important.


Here is a CLEAR photo of my face, I don’t see how this helps anyone though:

18 PM


Holds up phone on street. Done.


I’m shocked that facebook wants faces…:roll_eyes: who could have seen that coming?


You could pick two random photos and make a morph, or even just a composite.


Old pre internet photo albums are going to be worth gold

Please don’t buy them yet, I have to stock up.


You Monster

They’re up to something.


Page 39, where Peter Pan first manifests himself.



Just to clear up a point that seems to have confused a lot of folks: there is no downside to simply not using Facebook. If you delete your account, the only reaction it will cause is envy.


A ubiquitous service that’s being used as the authentication platform – and retail platform – by a significant and ever-growing number of online entities? No, of course there’s no downside for dropping that whole bit of nonsense entirely! Hell, we could quit using them newfangled intertubtes at the drop of a hat also! Not like anyone’s figured out a use for them yet.