Facebook bans British bigots

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Who’ll show up here first, the right-wing legal scholar telling us that this is a violation of the First Amendment or the chin-stroking political independent expressing concern that FB users will be shielded from an “alternative viewpoint”?

And man, this must be a particularly toxic group if Zuckerberg is willing to lose MAUs rather than keep them.


My version:

Oooh Lordy, here we go again, yet another round of bitter boys whining about their frozen peaches.


Several members have committed crimes in their name, and the group tries to disavow them, but when there are videos of them with the group it doesn’t really work .I still don’t know how they are not a proscribed terrorist organisation under British law.


I’ll take a wild guess:


Partly, but a similar group, National Action, were banned over a year ago.


Will have zero effect. Facebook pretends to take a hard line on these type of groups, but at the same time makes it extremely easy for them to recreate their Facebook pages “disguised” behind a new name.


Britain First is a political party with a strong brand and two recognisable (and currently incarcerated) leaders. It’s less straightforward for them to pop up under a pseudonym than e.g. the Daily Stormer. Also, they’re really fucking dumb. I predict they’ll try to capitalise on this via a ‘no platforming=Censorship!’ argument elsewhere. Gab.ai maybe? Or a new regular column in the Daily Mail?


Keeps the Box in a job; they’ve got to infiltrate something, and the hippies are getting wise.

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They have a lot of experience with proscribed terrorist organizations populated by white people. It’s a little harder to identify Catholics with a color swatch.


FB are still cretins as long as they have pocketed money from promoting their hate campaigns.
I’d say donating X times that income to charity would be a beginning at least.

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Translation: this has reached the tipping point where the risk of losing revenue by not banning them is larger than the risk of losing revenue by giving them the boot.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook’s “AI” has an algorithm for this by now.


Hope Not Hate would appreciate the money to help continue the fight against fascism in Britain.

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