Racist groups banned by Facebook change account names, get right back on, research shows

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*In news that shocks no one who has followed this type of thing.

I’ll believe that Facebook doesn’t want the Klan on their platform when they put half the effort into removing them that they put into removing nudity. Even directly reporting such accounts usually results in a message that they don’t violate community standards. Facebook likes the income stream from bigots more than they like doing the right thing.


Racist groups banned by Facebook change account names, get right back on, research shows



I don’t care how much Marvel Studios had to pay to get Idris Elba to play an Asgardian, it was worth it just to ensure those bigots wouldn’t be able to enjoy the movies.


And a black woman became King of Asgard! :rofl:


Yet more evidence that Facebook has no real interest in effective moderation of the platform.


I’m guessing these guys learned their l33t skillz by switching masks behind a bush to get double the candy on Halloween.


Instructions from Zuck on how to get back on was probably at the bottom of the cease and desist letters.


Should we call it FaceChan, or Breitbook?

If only this carried over to their not wanting to use a media company owned by a Jewish guy.


I’m wondering what they changed their names to. “Prideful Youth”? “Warriors of Woden”?

Yeah, good luck finding one of those!

(Of course I’m kidding, what’s wrong with you people?)

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I guess they’re part of the conspiracy. /s

Hey - maybe there’s an opportunity for some counter trolling here.

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And yet Facebook keeps banning my fan page for this little-known 80’s Aussie band.

So… The company that Collects All the Data about their users everyone, and analyzes it to package and commidify for sale to other people can’t track a banned group when they put on a fake mustache and sign up again?


One member created a profile with the username “S.O.O.Recruiting.Sudbury.” He invited people to join the group’s activities and cross-posted content to groups such as Yellow Vests Canada and the conservative Canada Proud page.

Just the cross-link I was looking for!


It would actually be a Dodge Ram and not a Ford. Chrysler is the official car company of white supremacy. The Charlottesville driver drove a Dodge. It’s why Chrysler made that tone deaf cringy MLK super bowl ad last year.

And I love the Beev:


On the ‘racist-extremists on facebook’ front:

A self-proclaimed SJW twitter user posted a great thread about how she used facebook to ‘track’ the journey-to-extremism of a twitter guy who’s death-threatening her.
It’s a pretty interesting thread breadcrumbing the guy’s progression -

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