Facebook says they removed 220 'Boogaloo' groups and 95 Instagram accounts

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Huh. I guess it is possible. All it takes is a healthy dollop of desperation.


Too little, too late, etc.


There’s nothing that prompts these greedy automatons to do anything, except for a threat to the holy Quarterly Numbers and subsequently to the share price.

Too little, too late, arseholes. It’s clear that Zuckerberg, Clegg and the rest of them are more than willing to help along the destruction of liberal democracy in America for a quick buck.


…and will only allow them back if they change their group name and wait 48 hours.
Or buy ads.


If only Lincoln could have removed Southern facebook groups and avoided the American Civil War.

Facebook of course doesn’t have to host them. But they as a group (or movement) isn’t going away so easily. We’re going to be playing Whac-A-Mole for quite some time, assuming we don’t botch it up entirely.


That company that makes the aloha print plate carrier is called Hoplite armour. So they’re not only associated with the boogaloo loonies but also the “traditional” alt right with their obsession with Sparta and the battle of Thermopylae (as mediated through 300; they’re not exactly classicists after all). Even the company logo looks a lot like the identitarian logo, what with both going back to (movie) Spartan iconography.

Not that it should be a surprise to anyone that those two movements are closely intertwined but with the recent media attention on the supposed non-racist parts of the boogaloo loonies I thought it worth highlighting.


Clearly the Big Igloo is a big tent.

Associated Press:

Banning the term would be pointless, since they already use variations, but it would be a good search term to examine other Facebook groups.


That’s an awful lot of words to avoid calling white people terrorists…


And please, Xeni, they aren’t libertarian. Yes, they don’t like the current government; that’s true of people from the far right to the far left. And yes, most of them are too disorganized to be Nazis, but starting a race war so the white people can kill lots of black people and run the place afterwards is not at all Libertarian.

Back in the 1990s when I was doing Libertarian propaganda at a “recall the governor” event in NJ, we got a couple of right-wingers who walked up to our booth. One kind of liked us because neither of us liked the governor; his buddy said “You’re wrong, if those guys get in power there’ll be homosexuals and drug users walking around on the streets”, and at least he had a clue. (I think they were Birchers, but there were a lot of different people around; the Larouchies were across the street from us.)

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Add to that the DHS declaration that they do not regard Boogaloo groups to be part of the right-wing.

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Sorta… I searched for five minutes, found ten groups that were still live, reported them all, and a hour later was advised by a bot that they did not violate Community Standards.


I associate with Antifa and know that although leftie media would rather just crow that its Anti-fascist and leave it at that, they fail to mention its full of Anarchists and Communists (not meaning the same thing like right wingers ridiculously think) who think that government needs to change big time especially the current government, on the basis that its very structure is fascist no matter which party gets in.

I see so many parallels between the rise of right wing pinheads and the youth of the Antifa movement. the big motivator is late-stage capitalism running out of victims to be predatory on.

all the capitalists had to do was keep enough people in a living wage. not even enough people by our standards just enough people to throw the idea of insurrection out the window. to keep the “crazies” on the fringe. but instead what they did was scheme their way into stealing from everyone including themselves and now there is nothing left but people with nothing to loose if it all fell apart.

I have been witnessing Boogaloo boys lying their asses off approaching leftists saying how they have the same objectives. I pray knowledgeable leftists educate those who get suckered into supporting those racist asshats. =(

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This network uses the term boogaloo but is distinct from the broader and loosely-affiliated boogaloo movement

How do you figure that, Facebook? The other ones are the “nice” white men seeking a second civil war? The actual fuck?

Their name literally means they want a war. What a stupid immoral hair to split to minimize impact on ad revenue.

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