New maps of America show race and diversity levels


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Quick takeaway: If you want to live in a diverse area, suburbs are better in that respect than central cities.


Also, school desegregation and affirmative action work, but don’t tell the media.


From what I’m seeing on these maps, urban downtown cores are diverse, inner suburbs much less so (due to legacy issues and the cost of single-family homes), and then outer suburbs are diverse again. As the article says, American cities taken as a whole (core, inner and outer suburbs) tend to be diverse but segregated.


Hopefully school desegregation works better now than it did when I was growing up in Cleveland. Black students from the east side were bussed to predominantly white schools on the west side and were routinely beaten up because of their skin color. Then there were white students from the west side who were bussed to predominantly black schools on the east side who were routinely beaten up because of their skin color. Then throw in the fact that these kids had to leave the house every morning by 6:00am and wouldn’t be back home until 5:00pm. It was a mess back then.


I’m afraid that’s basically how it works, especially when the community parents and school administrators are the fundamental source of the racism and hatred. They are the problem that has to be beaten into submission.

Meh. I grew up on the end of a rural school bus route that took me to a sunset town school, so I got the same ride and only nasty inbred racist hickville for my efforts…


The actual low-level maps are great, but the overview across the country does greatly suffer from this problem.


Ooh, there’s a nice diverse neighborhood!


Opinions of the racists I know -

Really nice area, very walkable

I don’t get it, this area has gone downhill so fast (it hasn’t)

I’ve been to where you live, I couldn’t put a finger on it but it seemed off

I know that place, it’s scary! (it’s not)

I wish I could justify living out that way


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