New media euphemism for "Israeli soldier" drops

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Two things will happens here:

  1. Empower the settlers as they can be seen as military forces
  2. Shield the military force as, by all said and done on the narrative, those actions will be loosened to a “Lone Wolf Settler”

God damn this double-speak is tiresome.


My threshold for this kind of thing is as low as the next person’s, but are there legitimate grounds for uncertainty as to whether a “person in military fatigues” is an actual soldier or not?

We know that the settlers are often armed to the teeth with military-style weapons. If they’re anything like their knot-headed cousins in the US, some of them probably also have a taste for “camo cosplay”. (Hell, some of them probably are Americans, enjoying a little settler safari in the West Bank). I would be willing to bet that there are plenty of folks knocking around the West Bank in full battle rattle who are not current serving members of the Israeli military.

So I don’t know if I’d blame the CNN editor for erring on the side of caution when all they have is a grainy video where you can’t see the shooter’s unit badges or equipment in detail. Better hedge your bets than get sued for defamation by a vindictive military if it later turns out that the gunman was not a serving soldier.


CNN wrote “man in military fatigues” in the headline even though the IDF had already confirmed that the men were soldiers.

Already happening. Reservist settlers wearing uniforms are attacking Palestinian villages in the West Bank. Sometimes they are even escorted by active duty soldiers.


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