New Mexico might become the first state with an official aroma

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cf. Bakersfield.


Lived there. The smells I remember are oilfield chemicals (ambient) and meth labs (incidental)


Also lived there. Smells I remember are pinon pine and horned toads.

The horny toad was a pet and reptiles have a peculiar smell. Not their fault.


Also, Greeley, Colorado.

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New Mexico was a pretty interesting place to live. We lived in Albuquerque for a handful of years. I 100% endorse this initiatives. Every fall, there were maybe a dozen chile roasting stands that would pop up in certain vacant lots, and the smell would just permeate the air. We would buy a bushel or two of chiles and they’d throw them in the roaster, and then dump them in a hefty bag. We would take them home, put on gloves and eye protection, and begin de-skinning, de-seeding, and chopping and freezing them.

Another really great scent would be on Pueblo feast days – that smell of burning juniper wood combined with chile and garlic and and roasting meat was just second to none.


Ooo! Ooo! Make Pennsylvania’s official aroma high sulfer coal being cooked to be used in steel production.


Ahh, those were the days!

(Still remembers the “pollution index” being part of the weather report)

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