New moderation policy: Enhanced policing of calls for violence or harm to communities

We already have Guidelines that restrict the posting of replies that encourage violence.

To provide clarity, this includes statements that war is inevitable or that certain groups will simply have to shoulder the burden of conflict or otherwise endure that sort of trauma.

There is no positive discussion to be had by telling others that it would be good if community X, ethnic group Y, or location Z faced conflict as an inevitability. These are real people who are suffering.

If you want to have those discussions, do so elsewhere.

Any posts (or replies) to this sort of content will be removed, and repeat offences by members will result in suspension from the BBS.

Thank you.


Thank you.
Now if only we could institute this for IRL interactions.


It’s your sandbox, but I am extremely skeptical about how that will be applied.

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I assume “swiftly, as the result of community flagging” like most Moderation actions.


A good policy. I’ve found that people who make such blithe statements generally come at them from a position of smug privilege and/or lack of empathy. Despite what they say, just voluntarily picking up and moving when fascists, war, or other drivers of conflict show up in their community isn’t an option for a lot of folks – especially those in marginalised groups most likely to bear the brunt of the suffering. Even when one has the resources to leave, one is still ultimately a refugee.

Unfortunately, we are going to see more involuntary mass displacements of people as our own stub’s Jackpot unfolds. The least we can do is respond with empathy rather than dismissal.


At the end of the day, this kind of behavior is just another flavor of victim blaming.


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We’re really on a knives edge here, and people treating all of this like it has no consequences for people is not particularly helpful. We’re already seeing real consequences for the policies of the far right, and some people just want to keep doubling down and giving away our rights for their own safety and comfort… It’s not remotely helpful. These aren’t abstract exercises like the trolley problem. It’s REAL and people are already getting hurt.


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