New organic transistors for reading brain waves


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Not to disparage this, since it is really cool research, but as is typical with scientific press releases, it’s potentially a little overblown.

First off, for implants, nobody will care about the difference between a few cents and a few bucks.

Second, they do show a very impressive transimpedance, but not actually higher than it’s possible to get with silicon transistors. For external electrodes the size is not such a limiting factor, and amplifier noise is greatly overshadowed by all kinds of other noise. That said, these might have a lot of potential as disposable and lightweight active electrodes, which would be pretty awesome.

Third, if they’re anything like, say, electrolytic capacitors (which I strongly suspect that they are in this regard) there will be serious durability issues that would be a problem for human implantation.

All in all, very cool stuff, and the best use cases are probably disposable active electrodes for external use in humans, and implants for animal research.


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