OpenBCI brain-sensing headset


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Brain-Sensing Headset

“Affirmative. Attached user possesses a brain.”



Watched that last night with my kids! You know where it goes…


Their first version has been out for over a year. I have one around here somewhere.


Did it look like this?


Not as cool


That’s cute: SQUIDs or GTFO.


I think the older version was out sometime back in the 1950s.


There several really important questions here:
Does the headset support the international 10/20 system for electrode placement?
What is the input impedance for the amplifiers?
What format is the data saved in?

I paid about $10,000 for my system. I would buy this in a heartbeat if it comes anywhere close.


Did you go to their website and forums and ask?

This is hardly their first offering. They offered two versions of their initial boards over a year ago after a successful kickstarter.


Looks like the max input channels is 16, with the more expensive version. From the spec sheet, input impedance on the order of 1GΩ. It’s open source, and you have access to the raw ADC data. I’m not sure what software capabilities they’ve already got, but they provide everything you need to code any software behavior that you can get out of the hardware configuration you’ve got.


It works with some of the common existing software (that isn’t open source).


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