San Francisco Giants are zapping their brains to improve performance


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It’s not working


The Giants are 12-24. They’re the worst team in the MLB. They’ve lost 7 of the last 10.

I don’t think this is working for them. And I think they need something a bit more than a few hundredths of a second on their base running to fix that.

…Also, isn’t there an insulating layer of bone between the skin and the brain? You’d think that any electrical current would travel along the surface of the skin, rather than through bone, which isn’t as effective a conductor of electricity.


Yeah, currently they have the worst record in the MLB.

(Get it? “Currently”? As in “electric current?” That’s funny, right? . . . somebody please laugh.)


At work so i can’t spend the time finding a proper research paper on this but the military has effectively tested this methodology in the past to some success. However without looking at research that’s been peer reviewed it’s hard to say if it’s anecdotal, shoddy data, or if it’s legit.


“Will It Help?” - Betteridge’s law of headlines suggests “no”. Of course they give the evidence that some of the players ran faster when they wore the headsets, but it doesn’t sound like they did a more scientific study. What about placebo effect from just wearing a headset, no current. From the article…

More than a thousand peer-reviewed studies have looked at how a mild brain jolt from electricity improves everything from physical actions to memory to creativity, and the results are highly inconsistent.

My favorite line is…

Most of the known injuries have occurred in the the do-it-yourself community, from people who constructed homemade tDCS headsets after watching YouTube tutorials.

Reminds me of:


Im just waiting for this to turn into a current-addiction, “wireheading” scandel. That always seems to be trajectory in these major league sports stories.


This is just some marketing synergy bullshit. Some company gets to claim that MLB pros use their product and the Giants get some press for their trouble. Kinda like how I keep getting ads in my feed telling me how the A’s are using cryotherapy. I’ll wait until theres some decent scientific research before strapping electrodes to my head and jumping in a freezer…


transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)

Keep that f’ing thing away from my brain!


Let me guess: they started doing this during the 2016 All Star break.

Hmmm, does it give you an irrational urge to ride dirt bikes?


Is cupping still a thing? Or is that dead now?


It makes me want to visit Mars for some reason…


I think everyone has given that up now except for two girls.




To steal a line from Real Genius:

“Up the voltage.”


Yeah, especially when you consider how much that win/loss is making them sweat.

Maybe they should try magnetic wristbands.



What about your prostate?


Maybe, if the timing is right.