Open source brain-computer interface for makers


Thought-controlled weapon systems… but you must think in Russian.


It sounds a lot like

Good luck to them!

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I’ve been waiting for something like this for years!


Haven’t we had computer-brain interfaces for a while now already?

You might not have noticed them, since they aren’t usually called ‘computer-brain interfaces’ - unless your name is Moss - but rather ‘monitors and keyboards’

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Yes, but until this, pretty much anything that wasn’t a toy was thousands of dollars, and many systems wouldn’t let you access the raw data.

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When I last researched this about two years ago, I priced out the parts to build an EEG kit from off-the-shelf parts, and it looked to cost around $500. As far as I know, there was no good OS software then to read any of the data, so you’d have to write that yourself as well.

This looks like it will cost about $300, which is not incredibly cheaper after two years, but still definitely cheaper, and more importantly is probably easier to set up correctly and has what looks to be a solid piece of software backing it.

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