New oven to bake bread in space


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transcending that whole “eating thing” is the long term solution


“Space Bread”, yes I’d eat that. BTW: Is it gluten free?


So, Breatharians … In … SPAAAAAAACE!!! ?


"(See the below photo of a rather unappetizing tortilla cheeseburger on the International Space Station.) "

I’m 19 days into a diet that excludes grains, I would kill for that tortilla cheeseburger.

And I love that oven! Please tell me it will make the whole space station smell like baked bread… win win.


Oh man, this is big. If astro-baking is such a hassle, I might have to rethink my desire to colonize space.


Clearly that is a foteau of a tumble-drier. You have been pwned.


Why am I not surprised that it’s Gemans who need bread in space.

Is the beer in space problem already solved?


Not a problem if your space colonies have a reasonable amount of gravity.


MREs = Meals Returned to Earth?


Apparently carbonated beverages are problematic in microgravity because it’s hard to burp when gases don’t float “up.”

It’s amazing they were able to get Germans into space at all.


I’m just glad that people are devoting the proper attention to the importance of maintaining fungus/human collaboration in space.


Hey! why did Paul Ryan get to go to space!


Solar observatory as with ‘Solaris’ with alt. bread oven use (and atmosphere VOC aggregation/conversion/burn to add finish.) Or fail. Don’t care if it’s an inflatable grilling mat or not; maybe double as a veg. grill. That pictured thing looks like it was made by the Apple ‘Screws count as accessory Jewels’ Design peeps and a design school that believes deeply that life is pain.

Either way: I’m looking for a space hotel with a pool. And an Octagon for Fighting! (Robot wrestling Dwarves to spin you around so much it’s like you’ve been in a gravity well, etc.) Focuses in a fraction of deep space instead of sun for that rapid recovery room purpose.


Elon, not going unless we have this.


Can’t you just settle for frozen until you get to Marsport?


because the French have already settled Mars?


What’s wrong with a tortilla cheeseburger? Tonight I’ll have a corndog burrito and raise it in a salute to space.

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