Space beer: coming soon to an unforgiving airless void near you


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2 Questions: 1] can you burb in space? 2] are hiccups an issue in space?

Asking for a friend…


Ah, the New American Puritanism at its finest.

On the Russian Mir space station, cognac was part of the astronauts’ standard ration.

The first food and beverage consumed on the moon was Buzz Aldrin’s sacramental communion wine and wafers.

Sherry — selected for its shelf-stability and low proof — was on the initial Skylab draft menu, and despite trying to keep things on the low-down, word got out:

“Let’s just say that no one here is enthused about publicizing this thing any more than necessary,” astronaut Edward G. Gibson who flew on the third Skylab mission, told the Milwaukee Journal in 1972. “The problem is that you have got some extremists around and we (astronauts) kind of represent a form of purity. As soon as you taint that purity with alcohol, they really get upset,” Gibson said.

After that article was published, angry letters started pouring in to NASA’s mailbox, so NASA put the kibosh on the sherry.

Ah, “optics”. “What will it look like to the ignorant but judgemental?”


…farted about with beer fermentation…



From what I’ve heard it’s possible but difficult to burp in space since the gases don’t rise “up” through your system the way they do on Earth. That’s one reason nobody drinks carbonated beverages even though Coca-Cola developed a zero-G soda can back in the mid-80s—the fun of drinking fizzy beverages isn’t worth the painful gas bloat.


If there isn’t already at least one secret stash of vodka on the ISS I’ll eat my hat.


I’ll eat it with you.


I’m pretty sure this will end well.



So, let’s sink $1 million into a product that has no application at this time, or any time.


I’m imagining an Apollo 13 “box of stuff to fix the problem or they die” scene, and the solution is to shake up the beer and use it as thrusters.


There’s a story that for some 1800s under-river tunnel project, they opened a bottle of fizzy wine to celebrate the completion, but were disappointed that it was flat. And it was, until they left the pressurized area under the river.


Cannabutter sounds easier and more practical.


I’ve had beers in plenty of places with no atmosphere. How much worse can space be?



I’m claiming the trademark on Bud Lightyear right now!


Ah, there’s always the cough syrup in the med bay.


Aussie Aussie Aussie!
Oi oi oi!



Have they figured out a way to vomit in space yet?