Space beer: coming soon to an unforgiving airless void near you


So Buzz Lightbeer isn’t taken yet?


Don’t infringe me, bro! :rofl:


Thank goodness! If they ever got me high enough off the ground to reach the airless void, I’d need something much stronger than beer. :scream:


That’s not vodka, that’s rocket fuel. :slight_smile:

The Germans called it “B-Stoff”: 75% ethanol / 25% water. It’s what powered the V-2 missile.

(Just don’t go drinking the N-Stoff.)


In order to test how the bottle and the beer, which should more accurately be described as a stout

Calling it a stout is not more accurate. Calling it a stout is more specific; but given stout is a type of beer, both descriptions are equally accurate.

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