New Pixies video for "Bagboy"

Only last week, The Pixies announced that bassist Kim Deal had left the band. Now they have a new single that seems to be about bad breath, with some backing vocals that sound a lot like Kim, but apparently are not her. It’s a super weird song that is rapidly growing on me, and the… READ THE REST

If Kim only quit the band last week is there really a chance that the music they are releasing today isn’t with her? Would seem more likely that she was involved in the stuff they are doing now, but not the future stuff. I find it pretty hard to believe they found a girl who sounds almost exactly like her to do these vocals in the last 5 days… I mean, unless that’s why she quit?

Kim was a huge part of the Pixies… I have a lot of mixed feelings about this…


The singer is Charles/Black Francis’ friend Jeremy Dubs:

I agree that it sounds like Kim, but it’s not.

Well that sure got dark in the last 30 seconds!


Right. I like Frank Black as well, but it just isn’t the same as Black Francis + Kim Deal. In my mind, they both bring different flavors of edge and imagination, and without Kim it seems lacking.

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Random angst is random.

Holy crap x2.

  1. It’s not Kim Deal

  2. It’s a guy!

You mean the last 3 seconds?

Shit yeah. I kept hearing ‘bad boy’ instead of ‘bag boy’…

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Yeah. That was a dark and excellent twist. Pretty familiar adolescence/freedom/creativity themes, and then you have to reevaluate it all as the face of evil.

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