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I am extremely pleased that this is not another podcast venture.

And, while I may not subscribe, I do approve of that publishing choice unreservedly.


Shouldn’t there be another ‘m’?


Just a small correction. That photo is not the Pitt Rivers Museum. It’s the Oxford University Museum of Natural History that you go through to get to the Pitt Rivers. Mostly the difference is that in the Pitt Rivers there’s a totem pole instead of a dinosaur.

My favourite thing in the Pitt Rivers collection is a drawer filled with odd artifacts (arrow head, odd shaped stone, shrunken head, ball of hair) with a label at the back of the drawer saying “Things That Kill You When You Look At Them”.


Came here to say the same thing. It’s a small but important detail for this museophile.


Welcome to the 21st century, where spelling is conditional on whether you can get the domain name.


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