New research claims that Facebook is 5 times more polarizing for conservatives than liberals

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So the takeaway here is that conservatives are gullible.

(Not really but I felt like yanking some chains this morning. :grinning:)


This is my ‘not surprised’ face.

Faceberg’s algorithms are deliberately designed to increase engagement by ramping up emotion by presenting more extreme versions of stuff you’ve looked at or liked. That’s been obvious for a while.

Zuckbook IS evil.



Largely proving that liberals tend to exist n a universe where facts are things and carry weight, while conservatives shun facts and exist in a universe where all that matter are opinions. Sort of a “water is wet” kind of thing IOW.


I know he’s joined the choir invisible, but… paging Senator Moynihan! Please pick up the cosmic courtesy phone, Senator!

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.”
– Column in January 18, 1983 Washington Post.
Based on an earlier quote by James R. Schlesinger.[76]

Sheesh, I definitely must revise my previous internal definition of “entitlement.”

DH was talking to a college-educated professional [a client] yesterday, someone we are pretty sure is quasi-liberal, and we discovered that client is a full-on Q conspiracy believer. We couldn’t get off that phone call fast enough. We were horrified. So yeah, I hear you, it’s “liberals tend to…” and #notallliberals I suppose.

Sometimes being “very open-minded” means your brains fall out.
–Dr. Shapiro in my Philosophy 101 course (paraphrasing)

In a next-level way, the [apparently] successful coordinated mass-disinfo efforts have led to a polarization of reality… and this has my attention. It’s an accelerant to the U.S. gullibility-stupidity-dumpster-fire. Somewhere, some folks are popping a shit-ton of popcorn (or popped millet, or popped rice, or pulling cases of vodka out of the chiller, or whiskey, etc.) and sitting back to watch with interest.

Some parts of reality (gravity, the physics of combustion engines, growing fruit and vegetables, electricity still works for powering lights / cell phone charging / computers / water heaters) seem to still be consensual.

And then some parts of reality (our planet is a sphere, climate change is unmistakably underway with worldwide bad consequences and the intervention window is all but closed to us now, vaccines help eradicate deadly diseases, face masks help protect the wearers from infection) now seem to be legit debatable to the credulous and uncritical, the cruel and calculating.

That we are now in the midst of a pandemic, and this fkd up “reality is debatable” BS is itself spreading to countries that I assumed had decent compulsory public education systems (viz. anti-mask protesters in Germany, in France, in Spain, in England ) makes me ask less about U.S. public school failures and much much more about social media, esp. Fb.

And… counting down the seconds before some very stable genius opens the debate for that too…


So I’ve got this dehydrated water to sell you…




If Facebook wants to avoid imploding in 5 years, they should probably just scrub anything and everything political from the site and go back to being a site where people just share how they’re doing and show pictures of the kids. And they need to stay the fuck away from anything resembling news.


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