Heavy social media use leads to a wider variety of news sources

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/07/11/ontological-crisis.html

I think you mean that for the vast majority of people it is much, much harder to create such a filter bubble. The vast majority of people would have had their bubble broken by being exposed to those newsletters, and it was next to impossible they’d come across them by accident.

The only people it has become easier for are people with extremely marginal views, which includes proud racists for sure, but which also includes transgender people, furries and origami turing machine enthusiasts. The public sphere and all the news media in it used to be a filter bubble of mainstream opinion within a very narrow window. The internet has democratized the ability of people to live in their own bubbles, so that people with non-mainstream opinions can do it too.

The stuff about being in an ontological crisis I’m totally on board with.


I wonder how much these numbers have changed since 2014?

I suspect any reduction in clustering around fox news is only due to sites like breitbart peeling people off.

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