New Robert Williams art book signing this weekend in Los Angeles


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Ooops, some body forgot to ["


Mark, who did the one with the girl, bear, crow, racoon and fox backdropped by graffiti? That is truly a wonderful thing!

Hitting PageDn 39 times to get past this entry on the page is a little much.


So, this is the Robert Williams who drew for Zap Comix? Damn!


Damn, Fraunfelder, use the “Read the Rest” option. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, this guy’s stuff is the business.

I’m an instant fan.

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I think I stay too far on the sober side of life to enjoy this. Though I do like his use of color.

Also, add one more downvote for the lack of a “Read the Rest” option.

Looks remarkably like the “Orale” show at the Harwood Museum in Taos last summer. Coincidence?

Christ, Mark, don’t be an asshole.

Please put it behind a cut - not everyone shares your taste in drivel.

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I had a pick-up truck in my early twenties; I used the lettering stickers used for mailboxes to write “self-inflicted” across the quarter panel in his honor.

but, I was a fan before I knew who he was since I was a fan of this album as a teen:

and Guns n Roses tried to use this as their cover for Appetite for Destruction, but I think it ended up inside the booklet if at all:

but you could get it as a poster with the album’s lettering on it, I remember seeing it at the record/comics shop.

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