New 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' tv trailer


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R1 - “Are you with me”

Me - “All the fucking way”


Is that swordsman character supposed to be blind? That sounds kind of familiar.


“The Empire is building a terrible weapon… we can stop them!”

Nice job… thanks.



They were looking for that superweapon in Alderaan places.


BING BING BING! We got a winner!


Christ, you’ve been waiting 36 years to make that joke, haven’t you?


i sure hope so, because i don’t know a single thing about him and he’s my new favorite character.


BLIND SAMURAI: “Hi, am I on the right set for the Martial Arts movie?”



Star Wars really needs to outgrow the Death Star narrative.


And I’m reasonably certain that Episode 8 will do so.

But given that the Rogue One prequel series deals with the construction of said Death Star, and the theft of the plans for same, welp…


Trailer 2 suggests that Jyn Erso’s dad Galen (Mads Mikkelsen!) is a key engineer/designer of the first Death Star. It would be very interesting if they show him introducing the “design flaw” that resulted in the DS having an unprotected thermal port leading to the core reactor.


While I agree that going “one more time” to the Death Star well is tiresome, from a business stand point it makes sense.

  1. TFA went there since really the whole film was a re-tread of ANH. Doing so allowed them to play off of nostalgia for what made Star Wars originally great.
  2. Rogue One is a whole new experiment. Will a Star Wars film that is not actually a part of the main Skywalker saga actually work? Well, lets do one that is new but for a familiar subject first to see if it works.

But yes, if Ep 8 or another stand alone has another god damned death star, this fan is gonna be pissed.


Yes, but after this movie.


I was initially excited for this movie, but now…it just seems like more of the same. More Xwings, more Death Star, more stormtroopers, more scoundrels-turned-heros, another reincarnation of a likable droid…I really don’t see how this movie is an “experiment.” Don’t get me wrong. I love Star Wars. I will love Rogue One. I just wish the first spinoff would have been something actually different.


BTW, I really hope there are no more walkers after this movie. The Imperial Walker is the most ridiculous concept they ever came up with. It looks cartoonish, it lumbers on legs in a universe where nearly everything else floats on repulsorlifts, and it can be brought down with fishing equipment. Let the AT-AT die.


Oh, I disagree most fervently. I don’t think that the things that made Star Wars originally great necessarily included the plot points and set pieces from the first movie that TFA replicated. By the time we viewers noticed that there was another planet-sized superweapon that could be brought down by an aging smuggler and a smartmouthed kid or two, our tickets were already bought and paid for. If TFA had had any other third-act setpiece, I don’t think any viewer would have walked away saying, “That movie was okay, but y’know, I think it really would have been helped by a planet-sized superweapon trench run or something. I really missed that key element.”

We need no more Death Stars after Rogue One. We need no more Skywalkers in the foreground. Personally, if the Jedi actually did go extinct I’d never miss 'em; I had my fill without even bothering with Clone Wars. There is so much else to do in the Star Wars universe. We shouldn’t just keep drinking from the same damned well.


I just want to know…



Because drama, Nime. That’s the cocaine of the masses.


I thought that was religion…