New song and video from Death Cab for Cutie: "Gold Rush"

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A wonderful assemblage of happy mutants in the video.

“Now that our haunts have taken flight, and been replaced by construction sites”

first thought: i’m so happy ben has a new haircut! second thought: i love how he’s walking down the street, singing about how his neighborhood has changed since he’s lived there, and also walking past people who look like they could exist in many older time periods – and yet they all still seem contemporary, too: guys in suits and fedoras, people who look more like 70s hippies, some new-wavey looking people, some grunge-styled people, and some flat-out current hipsters. it’s a nice nod to how a neighborhood changes over time. not sure i get how the rather pointed commentary about digital devices (and him literally going against the tide) at the end fits into the overall narrative, but it’s a great visual.


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