New Walter Robot animated video for Death Cab for Cutie


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@pesco no title here or the main article.


I love these guys. I loved them even more when I thought their band name was Death CAP for Cutie.



Yeah, I fixed it. I’ve never seen a Boing title change, so might as well just copypasta the Blog view’s title in.


I like to give them a chance at it at least.


I mean… I would give them a chance, if they ever took it. I’m sure that if it’s that important to @pesco he’ll put it back into the Boing category.


Thanks!!! Appreciate the fix.




ok, help me out here - i’m a big DCfC fan, and the video is cool, but: a) what the heck does it have to do with the song?; and b) is it even in time with the music (other than the couple of times where the head bounces at the end)?


Oooh, nice Pink Floyd reference. As a 45-year-old I’m all over this video.

But… why are we still telling stories about angstful salarymen? That was the good old friggin’ days, back when Joe Graduate could get a steady wage doing something he didn’t particularly like and not worry so much about petty details like food and shelter and security. As long as he was white and male. Oh woe, the angst!

Does this meme feel relevant to anybody under 40? Honest question.


When I entered the job market in the early 1980’s the unemployment rate was over 10%. Does that count as the good ole days?


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