New stadium will look like gigantic toilet


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That’s a SuperBowl.


Can’t wait for when they host The Toilet Bowl.


They already look like bowls. This is just gilding the lily.

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So are the Warriors the #1 or #2 seed?

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I’m intrigued by the “office/lab” labels for the surrounding buildings. What will they be testing? Fecal samples?


I think it’s appropriate. Friggen sports companies and teams have been sucking much needed funds out of city and state budgets. They are nothing but a drag on the economy and civil government. Screw 'em. They can play their games in a sand lot.

Sports is the other half of celebrity that we need to abolish.


The Golden State Warriors should have a urinal-shaped stadium. This would be more fitting for the Cleveland Browns.


That architect. Christ, what an asshole.

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Let’s be thankful they will never host the Saskatchewan Roughriders or the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

But seriously, any team winning a championship here would be flushed with pride.


Oh, the jokes will have 20 years to sharpen themselves! “The Golden Bowl” is a mere tip of the iceberg!

As with everything related to sports arenas, Neil deMause at fieldofschemes has this covered:

At least the owners are claiming they want to fund this with private money instead of extorting local taxpayers and especially tourists

On the bright side, San Francisco will be the obvious location for the next remake of King Kong.


Please let the naming rights be purchased by 2000 Flushes. It could benefit the team for up to four months!


I was hoping that Ty-D-Bol would have naming rights…


To me it looks more like an air intake and filter for a car from the fifties to the nineties.

This is an old gag to New Yorkers, who would refer to Citi Field (and Shea Stadium before the new stadium was built) as the Flushing Bowl.

Toilet or stadium, the shit goes down in the middle.

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The area is a biotech hub. UCSF has a campus there associated with Genentech, a new teaching/research hospital right across the street is slated to open in February, and there are a bunch of other companies in the new buildings around Mission Bay. I liked it better as a wasteland, but they didn’t solicit my input.

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