New UK power station to be "most expensive object on earth"

I think there’s one question on everyone’s mind:

new-clee-arr or new-cue-lar?

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No reason it can’t be both.

Does this also figure in the cost of cleanup for all the nuclear waste? Or the cost of cleanup if there’s a Fukushima-style disaster?

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General advice - don’t model your life after Bush


HFS that’s terrible. American politicos are much lazier–they settle for continual underfunding of Amtrak and public transit in the expectation that those services will instead pull themselves up by their bootstraps and become zillionaires by sheer willpower.

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Shown to be true beyond the shadow of a doubt two weeks ago.

So basically a giant, corrupt, boondoggle. I think we need to be moving more baseload to nuclear, and that the problem is far more with corruption preventing enforcement of necessary safety precautions than with the technology itself. At a very basic level, if a country doesn’t have the capability of undertaking a project like this without a lot of corruption, it would be incredibly foolish to bet that that country is capable of enforcing safety rules on that plant without corruption getting in the way.


Is a system an object?

Someone tell @khephra about the pyramid costs…

Another with PPP is transparency… the PRivate part means its none of your business.

Not necessarily. The internet is a system. It is not an object.

If Britain is hit by a magnitude 8.9 earthquake followed by a tsunami, the nuclear power plants will be the least of our worries.


Quick Google : $25B to $360B. Great Wall of Donald: $25B.

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There’s never been a nuclear plant cost estimate that turned out to be anything but a low-ball guess.
The same amount of money put into renewables and energy efficiency improvements would far surpass this white elephant in public benefit.
It’s also a target for terrorists, and an accident can totally destroy the asset even if no radiation is released.


That’s what privatization always means.

Who’s so naive as to think that they wanted to privatize anything but profits.

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The word nuclear is an adjective.

You can use the phrase nuclear power as a noun.

You can use the word fission as a noun.

Please do not use the word nuclear as a noun.

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"Even the Great Pyramid would cost less than a billion to make, now, and require only a few hundred workers. "

So, you’re telling me a stone structure built solely with primitive tools was less expensive than high-tech facility build around the containment, monitoring and usage of an incredibly hot, difficult to manage reaction, while using this to provide a resource that was hundreds of years from being discovered at the time of the Great Pyramids, to an amount of people greater than the total world population at the time the great pyramids were built.

Nah bullshit mate, I don’t believe that.

I’m reminded of mass transit (or just plain construction) projects in NYC.

Obviously, “New York values” are a matter of overcharging for everything and it looks like British values are similar.

Clearly, that power plant is a system; a collection of objects. And there are other kinds of costs, such as human or environmental costs. I don’t think that plant is the most costly object, not by any measure.

What did the Great Pyramids in Giza or the Great Wall in China cost, when adjusted for inflation? What about the Apollo moon landing program and all that went into getting to Apollo 17? What is the cost of the Atomic Bomb and the subsequent military-industrial complex that dominated the 20th- and now the 21st-century in human, environmental, and fiscal terms? What will the bottom line be, beginning to end, for the Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi NPPs?

Color me skeptical on the original thesis here.


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