New ultra-high resolution printer makes colors from nanostructures


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This reminds me of…


It seems this process is well beyond the ability of the human eye to see. Then what’s the point…



From microfiche to microchips, the last century or so has seen some pretty useful technologies based on our ability to manufacture things too small for the unaided human eye to see.


Also, the fact alone that nano-structures can be systematically manipulated like this might be the an interesting blob of info.

Nano-scale structures on surfaces can have pretty interesting effects.


You can’t see the process, but you can see the results.


I think they’ve targeted eagles for some potential market.


You’re not supposed to see the features. There’s no pigment involved, it isn’t like you’re looking at dots of color… 127,000 DPI is 200nm dots, aka less than half the wavelength of visible late. At that scale what you’re doing is modifying the surface to create wavelength-specific interactions with light. It is an optical metamaterial. It works similar to the way butterfly wings work, by reflection and refraction.


Learn something new every day? Today it was six things, two thanks to you. Interesting? Great technique! Think of what’s possible when they extend it to different wavelengths and electrical properties. Metamaterials = Exciting times!


You flatter me.
But I’m curious, which two things?


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