New, "unbreakable" Denuvo DRM cracked two days before its first commercial deployment


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They just won’t ever give up, will they?



I see fact checking is still not a thing here on bb.

Yes a P2P “Group” (NOT SCENE) posted Hitman 2.
A simple check would have shown that the “Crack” was bad hence not a proper release.

Hell, A quick check of reddits /r/CrackWatch/ would have told you as much

So, No it was not cracked.


the FCKDRM group are using GOG’s FCKDRM logo

Which itself is a ripoff of the RUN DMC logo.

(also: “group is,” right?)


Welcome to BoingBoing!


Beta crack!


Denuvo is practically always broken within days, why do they keep going? Why do companies keep buying their demonstrably terrible product that never does what they claim it does? Capitalism, you’re doing it wrong.


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