New website CharacTour is an expansive database for fictional characters

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Oh good, there’s no way this site would suck up every second of your free time. One TVTropes wasn’t enough.


Top 3 matches: Casey McCall from Sports Night, King George VI, and Twilight Sparkle…

Yeah, fair enough.

Top two matches, John Yossarian and Alan Turing.

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Could be worse.

George Michael Bluth, and Daria.

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Hmm. Have to go about half a dozen down before I get a character I’m familiar with, but that’s Twilight Sparkle, which is good enough. (My youngest characterizes our family as Twilight Sparkle for mom and dad, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie for the kids.)

It’s a great idea, but they appear to have a big security hole. When you register they display your account password. In most cases when I’ve seen this the password isn’t encrypted before being stored. Even if it is, why would you display it to the person who just created the account?

Thanks to FitterMan also bringing this directly to our attention, we’ve fixed this glitch. We were in fact encrypting the passwords, but we were also displaying it again to the user. Anyway, we’ve taken care of it, but we always appreciate feedback. We hope people will check out the site, and we hope even more that they’ll enjoy it. – Pete McEntegart, Editor in Chief, CharacTour

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