At least twice, Sean Spicer has accidentally tweeted the password to his official White House spokesman Twitter account


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I wonder if this bbs hides passwords. Can you guys see this?


or is it all asterisks?



My take on what it stands for:
Almighty quran enlighten boys please Usa Usa


Gosh, it seems just yesterday countless times this very day hordes of Republicans were literally calling for Hillary to be thrown in prison for allowing lax standards on IT security.


Details, details. Cut these fine people some slack.

They’ve got their plates full with healthcare hollowing, medicare mincing, voter-fraud vetting, immigrant incarcerating, pipeline pimping, environment eviscerating, message mangling, and alternate-fact finding.

They’ll get the hang of the newfangled online password stuff once the big shit-show get rolling.


The twitter account @POTUS doesn’t have two factor authentication, and until recently was tied to a account. They’ve fixed it after a week or so of this floating around the twittersphere.


here’s that string as a username from 7 months ago - wth?

well, that’s not how i expected the link to come up here, but click it and scroll down - no funny business


He really should have his kids type in passwords like Trump all the non-tech-savvy old people do…


The “meaning” is a little bit of a pattern in the qwerty.

The dumbness of tweeting it? Liable pliability?


Aqenbpuu? I thought that meant alternative facts in herpetilese. Forgive me for being unable to differentiate that from the other random shit he says.

Reporter: “The president continues to insist that his inauguration crowds were the largest in history. Can you comment on why he continues to focus on this issue?”

Spicer: “Aqenbpuu.” Next question.



Somebody needs to send them the XKCD password guide:

And maybe one of the generators floating around:


Wake me when the nuke codes hit Instagram.

(card NOT directed at you the reader of course.)


Welp… time to change it back to PASSWORD1


nope. heard that just this morning in line at Dunkin’


Or it’s just the daily outrage, hijacking our attention, and here we are focusing on it instead of the much-more-difficult-to-deal-with rule and law changes. All for the cost of two 8-character tweets. (Is there more information that says this is definitely a password?)


Not his password. He’s leaking the nuke codes to his Russian followers.


Keepin’ it Spicy! :hot_pepper:


Don’t worry guys, Giuliani is on it.