Trump vs leaks: Spicer's staff forced to undergo "phone searches" and delete privacy apps


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How else is the Trump Administration going to stop its own staff from leaking all of President Trump’s tremendous, terrific plans?


Beatings will continue until morale improves.


Seeing how it’s the Trump administration, they spent hours trying to search this phone they grabbed from a stroller


I bet that’s how you retain the best staff. After all just because your resume got you into the Whize House, that doesn’t mean that you will ever find a job elsewhere.


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Spicer then went on to lecture his staff that using privacy-oriented messaging apps like Signal and Confide “was a violation of the Presidential Records Act.”

But running all your email through RNC servers is perfectly acceptable. Right?


Sure. It’s not like they’re Crooked Hillary.


Hell, Spicer himself is - or at least was - using the privacy-oriented messaging app Confide. Presumably for that purpose. So that’s rather funny.

Given that the White House still has about 7000 positions to fill, most not requiring Senate confirmation and still no one chosen for almost any of the positions, I have to wonder how many will never be filled. Maybe they shouldn’t have been so hasty in demanding that the previous people leave positions immediate upon Trump entering office…


not to take this off topic, but where is the proof on this?

I believe they are, but my right-wing-coworker who I’m still on speaking terms with only voted for Trump due to Hillary’s use of the email server (according to him)


Mais ou sont les Snowdens d’antan?


It’s my understanding that this President* likes leaks.

Sorry, it just seemed like the funniest wording for this particular comment. I’ll never call him that again

*unless I think it’s funny.


Is there a Chrome extension that will swap Spicer photos for McCarthy? If not, can someone get their nephew ‘who totally writes extensions’ on it?


newsweek, thehill, politcususa, nydailynews (trump’s favorite paper) and others have stories on it. just google:
trump administration rnc servers


Soon to be found in Google Image search for cluster fuck…45’s white house joke because really if it works like a cluster fuck, leaks like a cluster fuck then it’s a cluster fuck. And he’s to be commended because who would have thought the dumb bastard could do even this well


Ooooooo. . . I wonder what the “worse punishment” is, waterboarding might be appropriate for “leaks.”


Tell him we look forward to his vote in 2020 against Trump then, who is also using an unsecured Android phone.


How much do you want to bet that Spicer’s own phone is the one that was compromised? After all, if Trump apparently isn’t as concerned about security as he should be, why should his press secretary be any more security conscious?


The Body Orifice Security Scanner is why the rectally smuggled phone is called "Beat the BOSS"