Sean Spicer expected to leave post


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should be happy but this can only swing to bigger bullshitters.


If this position gets filled as quickly as some others it will be like he never left (because he won’t be able to).


I don’t blame him. It’s a shitty, thankless job. It’s basically like a parent who has to continually make excuses for their train wreck of a child. Only that parent does it out of love.


Most Americans who leave a job after displaying their utter incompetence to millions of people on a weekly basis could be assured that no-one would hire them ever again. But of course, prominent members of the GOP are regularly excepted from such consequences.


Greg Gianforte. He’s got an awesome rapport with the press.


Would Conway take the post? She’s the only person I can think of who has been able to continually defend the indefensible for months at a time. Her capacity to be entirely untethered to objective reality, or what she or her candidate said as recently as 15 minutes ago, made her a remarkably good fit for Trump


I’m amazed he’s lasted this long. The real question is, how many more press secretaries shall there be before Trump himself goes?


Will this be like the Defense against the Dark Arts professor? New one every school year?


So, this is what future WH “briefings” could look like:


It’s a proving ground. Let’s find the biggest bullshitter in the country, second only to the biggest bullshitter in chief.


Adios Mofo!


I really hope that this administration doesn’t last for eight films.


Worst franchise EVER!


Well I for one will be sorry to see him go. How could the administration ever find a less effective spokesman?


Three words spoken by Trump: “Hold mah beer.”

Actually, given that it’s Trump, it would be “Hold my beer, it’s the greatest beer in the world, Trump brand beer, everyone knows it’s the best even the Germans.”


I don’t think Spicer was really their weakest link


But he’s not incompetent - it’s just that his job hasn’t been what you think it is. He’s regularly stood in front of the media, presented no information (or even outright untruths), and still had the media coming back for more. Even when he’s told Tv and radio crews they can’t even record anything. That’s pretty impressive - someone with less skill would have provoked outright revolt. There are plenty of employers who can use skills like those.


The media’s own failings and cowardice regarding access journalism in general and this regime in particular don’t change the fact that he’s an objectively awful public spokesman – he makes Ron Ziegler look like Pierre Salinger.

Any employer other than his current one would find itself the target of regular lawsuits and ridicule due to his bungling and his cartoonish demeanor. None-the-less, one of them is going to be forced to give this clown a lucrative sinecure.


I’m not much of a spokeperson connoisseur, but is Spicer actually that bad? I mean, I know he looks bad, but is that a function of the man or the role? Could anyone make Trump’s administration look anything but incoherent and awful? He has no choice but to defend the things Trump says, and what Trump says is a self-contradicting infantile mess