Spicey go bye-bye


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“I may need to get an interpreter in the room to talk to Donald.” - Anthony Scaramucci


the rats leave the ship when they see other bigger rats getting on.


Hmm; can Kate McKinnon replace McCarthy?


Unsurprising when I recall that he never for a second looked like he enjoyed the job.


A major mistake? Are we afraid the new guy might make the administration look bad?


I have to say this took far longer than I thought it would.


Is that a Muppet Babies reference, or is that largely forgotten nowadays?


This is not the beginning of the end, but perhaps it is the end of the beginning…


I’m surprised he stayed. I’m surprised anyone stays with Trump.




two paragraphs and a hyperlink to the meat of the article seems like artificially free_article_count++ that said:

Mr. Scaramucci could not be reached for comment.

Great. Head of White House Incomunicados.


He must be relieved to some extent. Being the media representative for Captain Pussygrab would be incredibly frustrating. A tell-all article or book hold be great but I’m sure he is legally bound to keep quiet.


So is this that Spicer really thinks Scaramucci is a bad choice, or is it that Spicer is pissed that he got passed over?


I actually suspect not. He was a government employee, not employed by Mr. Trump personally. He is certainly barred from releasing classified information, but other than that…I suspect that an NDA of the kind Trump likes to make everybody sign would be unenforceable. Executive privilege prevents him from being compelled to testify about internal deliberations, but I don’t think it prevents him from volunteering to recount those deliberations.

Or was this his best chance to GTFO without looking like a quitter?


Spicey: An Unauthorized Autobiography


When they write about him in history books, they’ll remember his subtle grace, his elegant ability to parse a phrase and break it down into memorable moments, moments that made us laugh, made us cry, made is nod our heads in agreement. It’ll be said that Spicey had the wit of Robin Williams coupled with the undeniable gravity of Ronald Reagan. And dance? My god, how the man could dance. His first press conference is a perfect study in the grace and beauty of a human being at the peak of their perfection…

Oh fuck, who am I kidding, Spicey was one tiny piece of shit show in a giant shit storm. He was a bloviating asshole who didn’t believe the shit he was dishing out, and his first press conference was a textbook study in “this is what it looks like a man has a gun held to his head and is being forced to spew rubbish even he can’t believe.”

Fare the well, Spicey. May the festering sores of your swollen pride burst open and run down your trousers…


Unfortunately, both of your paragraphs are true. Remember Nixon’s eulogy? And the beatification of the bigoted senile puppet Reagan?


Might be a bit of both… Spicy probably feels the sting of being sidelined over the past few weeks, but needed a clean exit point. He already disliked “the mooch,” so this just makes sense for him to duck out now, and it also means he can claim some amount of autonomy at the same time. If Trump goes down, he might even be able to spin this into an “I told you so,” based on his exit strategy.

This all should be fairly alarming for the traditional GOP; many of the establishment appointments are fleeing and being replaced with sycophantic loyalists… Priebus is teetering by some reports. Scaramucci was already denied a post due to ethics conflicts– not something to welcome to an already scandal-plagued whitehouse.


Nixon not so much, I was only five when he resigned. But yes, Reagan, I know full well how that doddering old prick was turned into Saint Ronnie by the GOP.