Scaramucci's potty-mouthed rant about Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon


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Oh, what a tell


And I’m not trying to drink all the beer in the house.


Mooch & tRump are cut from the same filthy cloth.

But if Mooch is going there…



Between this and the hot mic incident, Colbert’s monologue tonight is gonna be gooooood…





Some citizens just want to watch 45’s entire admin burn… I’m one of them.


So Mooch getting angry about the leak basically confirms the story, which means now Lizza can trust whoever leaked it even more.

And more leaks is going to mean more angry nutbaggery from Scaramucci, which the media will eat up, so him getting mad at Lizza isn’t going to help him one bit.

“If you don’t reveal your source I’m going to hamstring this administration even more!”

This guy is playing tic-tac-toe and thinks it’s chess.


I love a good snakefight; they’re one of the few redeeming characteristics of right-wing authoritarian regimes.




Don’t make him stop this car!


This guy is already a legend.


Roger That!


MAGA = Morons Are “Governing” America

Only in his own mind.


His only regret is that he has… boneitis.


How tragic:


Actually Bannon did try to comment but nobody could understand him because his mouth was full.


Another master of projection?