Scooch, Mooch! Trump removes Scaramucci from communications director job


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Damn, I straight called it that it was Kelly’s doing.


Did he even have time to get business cards printed?


And another one bites the dust…Yawn…think I’m gonna take a nap


This is proving to be a role that is too tough for most. It may be time to call in the Iraqi Information Minister.



Hogwarts has better staff retention.


And also fewer dementors.


“Here’s your check for two days of work…”




Tabloids can’t keep up with these plot twists, let alone people which are supposed to write serious analyses.


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.



Scaramucci, Scaramucci will you do the Fandango?


(Wouldn’t you, though? Being Trump’s Mouth of Sauron must be the world’s most thankless job.)




Already? You mean . . . the drumpster made a less bad decision for once?


I suppose The Mooch will have more time to work on his core flexibility so he can suck his own, err late stage capitalism… Mrs Mooch just filed for divorce. mmm m M! that is a nice tall glass of schadenfreude

I expect Kelly to last about 3 to 6 months tops. Once the Russia collusion indictments start flying he’ll grab his chute and scoot.


That is one of the dangers of revolving doors.


Holy shit that was much more short lived that i ever thought. I wonder if there’s any bookies in Vegas taking bets on Trump’s scandals, firings, etc.


Good question. I was just there last week for work, shoulda checked the bookmaking desk.


You know there are, with the most money being banked on how long it takes 45 to get impeached.