New York mayor Eric Adams accused of 1993 sexual assault

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I wish I could say I was shocked, but I’m not. This guy just gets worse and worse the more we learn about him.


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Well, he was a cop, so, yeah. Water is also wet. :confused:


I was going to say that if you looked at any male politician or celebrity and said “That guy has committed sexual assault,” you’d be right more than you’d be wrong, but maybe that’s too cynical.

But there are definitely some who, when the sexual assault allegations surface, everyone just goes “Well, yes, of course.” There’s a particular mix of ambition and entitlement that seems to go hand in hand with a contempt for other people’s boundaries and feelings.

Interestingly, it seems that there’s an overlap between sexual assault and other misbehavior. So businesses should know – but pretend not to – that the male manager who’s harassing his secretary is quite likely also embezzling from the company. Conversely, if you have reason to suspect that manager X is padding his expense accounts, don’t be surprised when it turns out that more than one of the female employees has had a bad encounter with him in the past.

So, Adams: arrogant as hell? Check. Not as smart as he thinks he is? Check. Recurrent longstanding allegations of corruption? Check. Flagrant nepotism? Check. Accustomed to having power over others as a cop? Check. General aura of sociopathy? Checkity check check check.

He wouldn’t be the least-surprising sex pest ever – not while we have Donald Trump – but he certainly fits the profile. Innocent until proven guilty, of course, but I know which way I’d bet.


Same here. He’d be bad enough with some of his policy proposals regarding the cops and the homeless, but then came the nepotism, and the cronyism, and the corruption allegations, and now this.


I was just looking back through his policy position history, and that’s pretty disturbing, too. Early in his political career, he was very vocal against NYC’s stop and frisk policy. Then when he ran for mayor, he flipped and was in favor of it. This guy has no integrity, and maybe no moral compass. He just goes with whatever he thinks is going to get him elected and get him more power. I looked to see who else is considering running against him in a couple of years, and it’s not good. Andrew Cuomo is one of them. And Sliwa again, on the GOP side. The New York Democratic Party needs to get their shit together, or they’re going to give away the whole state.


The state Dem party (which you have to go through to become a Dem mayor of NYC) is a complete clownshow of complacency and incompetence. run and staffed by failsons, dim-witted nephews, deadwood, compromised activists, and clubhouse cronies. An opponent like Santos/Devolder/Whatever winning is what eventually happens when a state party machine gets so lazy and sloppy that they can’t do basic oppo research, and a mayor like Adams is what eventually happens when it can’t or won’t vet its own candidates.

The frustrating part is that it costs nothing for them to operate in hunger and survival mode, especially since they’re so comfortable and well-resourced. Meanwhile, the GOP treats every race it’s in – safe district or not – as a “fight for a knife in the mud” (to quote Succession). I know who’s going to win in the long term in that contest, even as I loathe and dread the outcome.


100%. That one state’s Democratic Party leadership bears a lot of the responsibility for the Party losing the House in 2022. They’re under the impression that they don’t have to do anything to keep New York blue. I don’t understand why the state chair didn’t lose his job after the midterms.


He’s cutting funding for all kinds of programs in NYC, including summer school and universal pre-K and even trash pickup. As if NYC doesn’t have enough rats problems already. NYC will have the lowest level of police force in years, plus cuts to library hours.

well so, not everything in the budget is bad then. :+1:

looks like other city council officials are calling out the private contracts the city has been handing out

“The administration’s response in providing services for asylum seekers has relied far too much on expensive emergency contracts with for-profit companies that cost the city billions of dollars”

grift perhaps


He’ll make it up to the cop union by loosening up the rules and giving them more freedom to be abusive. Any progressive applications of police funding will be the first to go.

Also, as is typical, he’s trying to shift the focus and blame for the situation to immigrants.


and the ny times is more than happy to accept that framing.

it does make complete sense to me that in the financial capital of the world, pre k funding is hard to come by. /s


This is a needle they’ve become adept at threading: normalising right-wing positions in a way that won’t offend the mostly liberal and centrist audience. Framing is a big part of the methodology, via careful choices of words and falsely equating legitimate issues with ones grounded in bigotry, gun-nuttery, cop-sucking, Xtianist, etc.

It’s sleazy and – whatever the motivation – ultimately an expression of bad faith and contempt for their core readership. However, they’re not as clever as they think they are. People are recognising the patterns and are calling them out. Eventually the consequences will come a-calling.


didnt he also proposed to make NYC the bitcoin-capital of the world? checke-di-check.


My goodness! What will happen when the NYPD’s budget drops to the same level as the entire military budget of Chile!?!


Let’s hope they don’t think coup?


No doubt articles about how New Yorkers are having to walk through more “bad neighbourhoods” where immigrants [read: people with darker skin] are moving in.

Followed by an article about people [from the Federalist Society and the Cato Institute, etc.] asking whether NY city and state gun control laws should be loosened so that average citizens can “stay safe.”


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