New York on the lookout for woman who killed a beloved 87-year-old music coach by shoving her in the street

Originally published at: New York on the lookout for woman who killed a beloved 87-year-old music coach by shoving her in the street | Boing Boing


Oh, they’re gonna catch that murderer.

Barbara Maier Gustern was also a vocal coach for Diamanda Galas, according to one article I read.

When an old person dies, a library burns to the ground.


As if the tragedy of her death were not sufficient, we have to add ignorant hate to it as well. Damn, I hate this timeline.


Damn damn DAMN!
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Apparently Tucker Carlson and Madison Cawthorne are already on social media, asking all the important questions: Might this “music teacher” have done something outrageous and the woman was acting in self-defense? What is the point of “pursuing justice”— what’s done is done!


Likely motivated by antisemitism, I guess?

I hope when they find her (and it seems almost certain they will given the clarity of the images) she gets a hate crime enhancement tacked on to the homicide charge.


Of course, frail 87 year old women are well known for assaulting people on the streets.



God almighty now they’re just fans of randomly murdering old women in the street or something? Fucking vile ghouls.

I hope they catch the murderer soon though.


Pretty much syncs up with ugly suggestions that older people should sacrifice themselves to a covid death for the good of America.


Is this a “dead or alive” type situation?


Alive doesn’t necessarily equal healthy or whole does it? But I don’t think I would hurt something like this pseudo human being. It should be studied to see if there is anything that could possibly make sense of such wanton behavior. Sort of like that now convicted POS that shoved an elderly man off a bus thus killing him. Some of that old and in the way logic perhaps. While I hate the intrusiveness of cameras everywhere I’m pleased at the clear image of this nazi…


Pretty sure deltaecho’s comment was satirical, taking their actual rhetoric about the Russian invasion and imagining the same kind of arguments about this incident.


If ever there were a clearer example of Poe’s law.

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One of the worst humans of New York, evidently, out on the loose. She could turn herself in, and lessen the pain somewhat for everyone’s sake.

Sidenote, from a design perspective, that Crime Stoppers poster is really well done. In cases like this, kerning goes out the window (who cares about kerning here) with full justification selected. The words, letters almost ring out with cruel brutality. Unfortunately, NYPD has lots of experience, as this is poster 919.

In more than one article the suspect was described as having dark hair but the photo makes her look blonde. Has anyone else seen that?

My guess is that she has skipped town. If they have any decency the people who know her will phone it in.

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