New York primaries: Democrats' finance-affiliated fundraising superstar got his ass kicked by a young woman with a Democratic Socialist platform


Can i just point out the logical error in what you’re implying? The reason Trump is in office is because establishment democrats hand selected the 2nd worst candidate of all time with all sorts of baggage. It’s much easier to make the case that the centrist candidates are the problem. We will never know if Bernie would have actually beat Trump. We do know that even minus Russian interference, HRC would have just squeaked by against an actual monster.


just the look on her face when she was shown how great her lead was…that photo alone put a smile on my face ear to ear.


It’s too late for this, but it shouldn’t have been too hard to get a sense of Crowley’s politics by looking at sponsorship and early co-sponsorship activity.


I think it is extremely dangerous to think that there is a reason that Trump is in office, because it leads us to the conclusion that we fix that one thing and, voila, we get the country back. Trump is in office because Clinton ran a terrible campaign and had enormous baggage. Trump is also in office because a hell of a lot of people (enough to get him elected, it turns out) in this country wanted (and continue to want) what he is offering.


Wow, that really sums up the attitude that the establishment Dems have, doesn’t it? They really just don’t get it, do they? There’s a new game going on and they’re still just playing Chutes and Ladders.

Good for her, she earned the win. Now lets make it a national victory!


I’m happy he’s out of a job, but I gotta hand it to Crowley, this is pretty classy (assuming, like all politicians that he completely missed the content of the song and is dedicating it to her because of the title and not, you know, calling them both tramps):


Also, as demographic electoral clout shifts from the Boomers to the Millenials it’s the youngs who are the future (as a Gen X-er and one of the soon-to-be olds I fully endorse this trend).


Absolutely delightful news. I’m very proud that I donated to this campaign.


I’m shocked that voters support and turn out in higher numbers for someone who actually wants to do things to improve their lives.

I guess just saying you’re not the other guy isn’t going to cut it anymore.


It was very charming and endearing; she’s got that ‘it’ factor, in spades…


agreed. it was so genuine. Genuine shock. Genuine surprise. Genuine delight.

She’d have fooled the Greco no problem.

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Now lets hope for the next big victory, IE: oust the current Republican representative for Texas


No - you are confusing the million reasons with why trump had support with the one reason why he won - Clinton.

There were millions of voters that would have voted for any other democrat than Clinton, and held their noses and voted for trump. I know dozens of them. At least of Bernie was running its likely they would have voted for him on the basis of supporting the common man. Instead trump was allowed to take that message unto himself when it was the least of his concerns. So no - the DNC was to blame, and they’ve hardly begun paying for it although we have.


I like gun control.


With all due respect, I think you’re illustrating my point. Yes, Clinton was a bad candidate who did a terrible job, but Trump also won because he offered people something they wanted. I happen to think that “something” is a corrosive form of white nationalism and reactionary bile, and we whistle past that graveyard at our peril. I think we miss something important when we limit ourselves to only acknowledging the ways that Clinton lost rather than the ways the Trump won.

And the DNC has plenty to answer for, I agree wholeheartedly. In a just world, DSW, Podesta, Brazille, and the rest of them would be pariahs for their incredible, venal incompetence. But again, I think only focusing on those chodes who fucked up ignores the tens of millions of people who got what they wanted, and will probably vote for more of it in two years.


Confused non-american question here-
How can a member of the DSA win a Democratic primary? I thought they were separate parties. IIRC, Bernie had to register as A Democrat in order to run in their primaries, so what’s the deal here.


I’m afraid you are proving my point. The people who voted for trump for the sake of white nationalism is much smaller than the body of people that voted for anybody but Clinton. If they had had a different choice then trumps loss would have looked more like we were all expecting, including trump.


Looks like a glass half emtpy/full type of argument to me.


The US has a political duopoly. Third parties face a rigged system constructed to entrench the established duopoly. It’s easier to infiltrate one of the two parties to affect sea change than it is to run under your preferred banner.