New York primaries: Democrats' finance-affiliated fundraising superstar got his ass kicked by a young woman with a Democratic Socialist platform

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“But if one of Democrats’ top fundraisers and likely successor to Nancy Pelosi can be toppled, perhaps Democrats need to rethink that deal.”

I agree wholeheartedly. !!


I hope to dog… or grumpy cat, she can win the general election. We need more folks like her running for office.




Crowley, who was so certain of the power of his $3,000,000 warchest that he didn’t even bother to show up to the debates.

Learning how to best take advantage of the establishment Dems’ infamous arrogance and complacency will be a major factor in getting more candidates like Ocasio-Cortez into positions where they can can push the party leftward.

[ETA: unfortunately the other side applies this in their own way, as we saw to all our misfortune when a certain arrogant and complacent Dem was defeated in 2016 under the terms of a broken system]



No Country for Old Centrists


What are her chances in the general? Hope to god the Dems are running candidates who will win their generals and diminish the power of the other party.

Nothing else matters. Nothing.


In that part of Queens? (And a slice of the northeast Bronx?) That district would be more likely to elect Mickey Mouse than to elect a Republican. I mean, as one point of local flavor here, the most popular team sports in the district are likely soccer and cricket.

As it was in the mayoral race in The Wire, the Democratic primary was the whole deal here, kit and kaboodle.


She’s got it on lockdown. This is portions of the Bronx and Queens. Hilary carried it by 78% and it is 18% white. The GOP won’t even waste their time or money trying to field a competitive candidate.


Kayleigh McEnany, a Trump spokesperson apparently believes that Ocasio-Cortez’s candidacy increases the chances of a Republican win; I guess she figures tha her socialist platform will scare centrists to vote Republican.


This put a spring in my step today.


From the article: “…Medicare for all, a jobs guarantee, a housing guarantee, gun control, relief for Puerto Rico, and gun control.” Clearly gun control is important if it’s in twice!


This really is fantastic news, regardless of what it says about the general election. She is so safe in this district that she can spend her time campaigning in other flippantly districts like mine, NY-19. I hope she also starts banging a very loud drum about Puerto Rico. I don’t need to rehash how shameful the administrations response has been, but the silence of the Democrats is unconscionable. There are a whole damn lot of Puerto Ricans in NY and now, due to the post-hurricane diaspora, there are a whole lot of them in Florida and a few other states. Americans, with votes and long memories.

I think this also says a lot about who is showing up at the polls. Crowley went uncontested in ‘16 so I can’t compare the data, but I have a feeling this brought in a lot of voters that probably wouldn’t even show up for a general. Everyone is saying that the Dems need to get their heads out of their asses by election night and they’re clearly not listening or taking it seriously (seems to be a common affliction within the beltway). It won’t really matter, though if they look around the room at swearing-in and see a whole lot of unfamiliar faces on their side of the aisle.


Vote for the most liberal progressive candidate who has a realistic chance of winning the general. Do this in every election, and the center of gravity of the Democratic party gets moved steadily left and “leaders” like Pelosi and Schumer will either have to go along with the direction the party is taking or get tossed the F out of their positions.

Good job Ocasio-Cortez, and good job NY 14th District!


Young? The biggest Sanders supports I see are all over 40. Sure, that’s anecdote and not a real fact based view. I know. Sanders does a lot of college rallies and that crowd is young so I think that might skew the perspective a bit. Whatever the case, I know that a lot of us old progressives are with him.


She ran on a platform of abolishing ICE, Medicare for all, a jobs guarantee, a housing guarantee, gun control, relief for Puerto Rico, and gun control.

But what about gun control? Is that part of her platform? I wasn’t sure… /s


True, but more of the youngs than of the olds have been with Sanders and his ilk. And I’d guess that excitement generated by 28 year old Ocasio-Cortez’s victory will make that even more the case.


Ocasio-Cortez’s primary victory (and likely win in November) makes this old white male Democrat extremely happy.

Let’s keep doing this.