New York Times bestselling author Richard Kadrey wants to cram your skull full of writing knowledge

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There is indeed, and in spite of my interest I can’t afford to take the course. Oh well. I hope anyone who can afford it – and chooses to do so – is able to learn wonderful things.


I’ve been reading Kadrey’s The Grand Dark. It’s great so far. I actually like it more than Sandman Slim.

Makes me think of Strong Bad’s guide to death metal.

So for death metal, you want to scream from the bowels of your lungs. The bowels! Words like, ‘decay,’ ‘deranged,’ ‘decrepit,’ and um, ‘delouse.’ In fact, you really can’t go wrong with anything that starts with d-e.


Does anyone here have experience of the LitReactor courses? I’m a fan of Kadrey’s writing (he’s also delightful in person), but it’s unclear to me exactly what you get for the money, and whether it’s worth the asking price. (Obviously, ‘worth the asking price’ is subjective; nevertheless, I’m curious to know how much content LitReactor delivers for your money).

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