'New York to London Milky Way,' a totally sweet astronomy photo


Wow, after spending many years shooting stars and many years shooting out of random commercial airplane windows (cloudy, scratched, dual pane plexiglass (bring a screen cleaner towelette to remove a day’s worth of nose and finger prints!)), I can hardly believe this shot. I’m guessing the crystal clear atmosphere and dark sky help things a bit, but to get no motion blur from a 10 second frame, and likely a crop sensor camera, is incredible.

Props to this shooter!

like all “good” astrophotos, this one is a stack of images… i agree it’s a heck of a technical feat but the max subexposure length was 30s; star trailing will be pretty minimal at the focal length going here. probably had to do a little photoshop work to paste back in an “unregistered” wing.

it’s a really cool image.

That’s what I thought too… but it isn’t a stack: “In the end, one 10 second long exposure resulted in this steady and colorful example of airborne astronomy.”

Apparently this shot includes no more “tricks” than a long exposure and a blanket to block out the reflections from the interior lighting.

huh, you’re right, reading comprehension… -10,000 points to joeblough.

Imagine attempting this with a 36 exposure reel film camera.


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