Time-lapse video turns airplanes into shooting stars


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A great location shot wasted by bad technical skills. If you’re doing timelapse, you need to pay attention to shutter speed. The photographer here is taking very fast images with large gaps of time between. For this style of motion, it’s unacceptable. They should be using neutral density filters to allow the shutter to be open for the whole duration of the timelapse shot.

Basically, you should be able to meter so the shutter is always open except for when it’s cycling for the next shot.

Well that would certainly explain why I quite enjoyed watching this short film in its entirety.

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mrBlaQ acting like he knows how the photographer shot this, but gets it his facts all wrong.

Quoted from the photographer’s blog:

“The shots were taken at 4-10 second exposures and at 0 second intervals. So immediately after the shutter closes it opens again to take the next shot. This ensures that the lights from the planes move smoothly through the frame. The long exposures are what produces the streaks of light, which means that the longer the exposures the longer the streaks of light.”

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Well, less like shooting stars and more like the UFOs in «Close encounters…». Now I want to watch that movie again…

Beautiful. I bet this is how snails see the world.

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