Pleasing video from a timelapse photography class in Moab, Utah




What a great idea for a class! I doubt it’d go over very well here in Portland…


I’ve always found timelapse film of the night sky particularly affecting - we really are on a small rotating planet travelling round a star. It makes me wonder if we, as a species will last long enough to make a time lapse of us going round the milky way.


Asteroid or satelite moving south-southwest from the Plieades (center screen) at 1:05.


so many stars


Can anyone comment on what sort of a gizmo provides the slow movement of the camera in some of these shots?


Personally, I use a timer from an old water softener, it does one revolution in 24 hours.
You just have to figure out how to fasten the camera to it.


Yes, those types of devices are called motion control rigs.


Websearch on “time lapse dolly pan” should find other solutions, some commercial and some homebrew.


I see you, and raise you:

First 4 minutes or so is all shot around Moab over the last couple of years on my personal time-lapse shooting trips.

: )

Shot on a buncha higher end Nikon DSLRs, various Nikon and Zeiss ZF.2 glass, HDR exposures for daytime (multiple exposures of varying durations merged into frame of video), night stuff 30s/ISO3200/f2.8 for the darkest stuff. CamBlock Motion Control System for motion, LOVE that thing!


Nice. Any comments about equipment / frame rates / exposures?


Here’s another nice time lapse movie that is also available in 3D:


what is even more pleasing is to have the soundtrack to the hired hand (further up the page) playing whilst watching this video. mute the video’s native sound, of course.

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