Stunning time-lapse videos of sky and landscapes



It’s not a matter of sensitivity of the eyes, it’s a matter of living in the wrong place. Y’know, like where lots of people are.


It’s amazing to me how often time-lapses of the night sky capture falling meteors. It’s a reminder of just how active our immediate neighborhood still is.

Also try turning a telescope on ordinary clouds during daylight. It’s extraordinary how much change and movement you’ll see.

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Gorgeous time-lapses. Sad that he felt the need to drastically enhance the images with saturation and contrast etc. The images end up looking fake to my eye. Often sky is edited differently than landscape as well - surely in an attempt to help the light/dark problem that always exists in these types of shots. The fake colors and contrast hurt the work, in my humble opinion.

Lovely stuff.

I love videos like this.

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I suspect that what you call falling meteors (on time-lapse videos) are actually jets. Airplane jets’ contrails.

If you lie down on the ground in a dark area and watch meteors, you’ll quickly find out that they’re very, very short-lived, less than a second. They’d be one frame in a time-lapse video.

The best strategy, I’ve found, for watching meteors is, after getting away from light pollution, lie back, relax, and don’t focus on any part of the sky, just take in the whole magnificent sky at once, and wait. They’ll start to appear.

The glowing tent seems like kind of a ripoff of Ben Canales’ similar exposure photographs.

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