New Yorker writer Maria Konnikova is killing it at poker

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What type of poker is she playing that’s purely a mental game? Or are they saying being able to calculate odds on the fly is part of that mental load?


AIUI, The cards you actually hold are largely irrelevant. The only thing that matters is what the other players think you hold. In such a game, being a psychologist is a pretty significant advantage


And the odds are pretty trivial if you’re inclined to mathamatics. Not as simple as Blackjack, but not much more complicated.

Not if you don’t know statistics. Without that, regardless of how well you know the other player’s hand, you can’t properly wager based on the expected turn of cards yet to be dealt.

♪♫♬Luck don’t have a thing to do
with how you play your hand
Maverick didn’t come here to lose…♪♩♪

(I was too young for the original series, but I was a big fan of the 80s reboot, and the theme song has stuck with me.)

That’s not what I said

Have to wonder how much the outsider status and women in game dominated by men helps her to be dismissed and therefore have an advantage.

Listening to her grifter podcasts I also have to wonder if she found some sort of illegitimate advantage from all the con men she now knows. Probably not but again her surface innocence would be a great cover.

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