New York's governor deploys National Guard to protect subway riders

Shh, how can the media make clickbait headline to manipulate the public if you base everything on evidence based data? /S

This is how we get TFG economy is “better” than Biden despise what the number is telling.


Why do you think that isn’t being done with this data? What makes you more of an expert than the people who study this?


AI is also trained on data, doesn’t stop it from returning hallucinations.

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If I did this after a walk in downtown DC I’d be in the police station for days.


Also…that doesn’t describe a crime, so why would you report it?


Support your local sky writers!


People aren’t AI and can do better… FFS.


yeah, for way too many people, being uncomfortable is treated the same as being in danger. that’s part of why people say “crime is high” when really what they mean is: i don’t want see “scary people”

white privilege and capitalism both seem to include the idea that a person should be able to live comfortably in society without seeing any of the problems that society is creating.

i want to live in the city in my exclusive apartment, but i don’t want to deal with the people who can’t afford rent. so let’s get the cops to throw them in jail. :confused:


Crazy guy screaming, in NYC this isn’t reported. In suburbia, the cops are called and arrive in 60seconds, the person is arrested and charged with a bs crime.

How different parts of the country report crime varies, and skews crime stats.

I just spoke with somebody who left a “transitional” neighborhood in DC because his girlfriend was getting harassed-flashed-jerked-off-in-front of almost everyday by vagrants/homeless people in front of their apartment. They left because the police couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything to stop the behavior.


Someone on Bluesky pointed out that the NYC subway system has a daily ridership about the population Iowa. Does anyone think that less than a dozen “extra” crimes in Iowa would result in breaking out the National Guard?

Also, if the NYPD and transit police can’t handle their jobs and we do need the Nat Guard, fire the incompetents who can’t, or refuse, to do their jobs.


The idea really got set back in the '70s-'90s, when crime was really high in NYC. (Although to be fair, it was higher all over the country than it is now.) I suppose this is one of those cases where the media depictions create their own reality, but rural conservatives are convinced that crime is higher in all urban areas - and are really concerned about it - when it’s higher where they live (and aren’t concerned about it).

Sure, but the idea that crimes aren’t reported in urban areas but are in rural areas? Citation needed. What evidence I’ve seen suggests the opposite.

No, in suburbia, odds are you drive by the crazy guy in your car and probably aren’t even aware he’s being weird. Even if you are, you just drive past. This is why rural/suburban conservatives are freaked out by subways - one is forced into having to interact with people that they completely ignore in their own communities on a regular basis.


I’m sure I’ll feel safer with an untrained 20 year-old hanging around the platform with a machine gun.


For a liberal city, NYC sure does love to stop and frisk.


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I’d be happy if DC’d just ticket the jerks flying through a red light while people are in the intersection. I’ve dented more than one car that’s almost run over me. Ripped the passenger mirror off one that almost ran over me trying to get into a parking garage before I crossed the entrance.

The homeless person singing and having a one sided conversation is alright in my book.


When I visit small towns it freaks me out when cars actually stop to let me cross a road on foot.


Same. Now I know what the mouse feels like when it realizes the cat is watching it…


it’s great that person was concerned about their girlfriend. i hope they can also imagine how much harder it is for women living without housing!

it’s true living or working in a neighborhood that has inadequate social services and inadequate housing isn’t easy.

the thing is, it’s really and truly not typically unsafe… unless you’re living unhoused. people on living on the street are far more often the victims of crime than the instigators.

ultimately, what people need is housing, food, and healthcare. that’s the only way for everyone to be safe. currently housed and currently unhoused people both. cops cannot help with that.