New Zealand: we'd expel Russian spies but there don't seem to be any here


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Gosh, that’s kinda cute.


What would they be doing, stealing the latest sheep shearing tech?


The host nation doesn’t have to figure out which members of the diplomatic mission are spies, though it’s a nice touch if they do. Deport 'em all, and let Bog sort 'em out.

This seems like a polite way for New Zealand to say, “we don’t want to piss off the West, but we also don’t want to harass the sleeping bear”.


Really? I read it more as, “Hey guys, don’t forget about me! I want in on some of this game, but I don’t really know how to play…”


Or trying to get an entry into the Five Eyes community?


New Zealand lies on the borders of Vladivostok . They need to stop encroaching.


When were they kicked out of Five Eyes?

Some maps that don’t show New Zealand is actually a clever defence strategy.

Putin: “New Zealand is real? I thought was like Middle Earth or Narnia, make-believe place.”


Wait! I don’t think they are done with their probing…



Excellent tradecraft on the Russians part.


New Zealand’s national security strategy is to be irreverent in world affairs. Got it.


Security through obscurity.


No Russian spies? They might want to check under some of the larger kiwis.


Or stealing an alpaca. Poor Bambi left all alone.


What is there to know? You go to the Russian embassy (57 Messines Rd, for those who are keeping score at home) and tell some of them they’re kicked out.

New Zealand is an actual country; they know about visas and passports and customs and such. It looks small on a map, but that’s just to make the map portable.


Nope. No spies 'round here.





Nobody was kicked out of Five Eyes. In the comment you’re responding to, it’s Russia (not New Zealand) that is trying to get entry into Five Eyes. Not to join Five Eyes, but to spy on a member. That was a response to somebody asking if Russia would spy on New Zealand to get the latest sheep-shearing technology.

Alles klar, Herr Kommissar?


Or ‘meh, none of this has anything to do with us.’


I’m not sure whether this indicates that NZ is irrelevant, or just incompetent. And I’m not sure which is worse :thinking: